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C4K month of April

Lizzie M.
The student who I was assigned is name Lizzie M. Lizzie is in Mr. Boylen's 8th grade language Arts class. The blog I commented on was called "Intro to Russian Students." Lizzis was basically describing what her interest were. Lizzie was telling us about herself. My comment for Lizzie was I introduced myself and I also told her we have a lot of things in common and to keep up the good work.
Wyatt P.
My student was Wyatt P. who is in the 4th grade in Nebraska. The post I commented on was "My Show Week." Wyatt did many different activities in his show week. Wyatt participated in a soccer game. Another activity that Wyatt did was attend a birthday party that had a video game theme. I commented by introducing who I was. I also said how I enjoyed reading his blog. Wyatt and I also have things in common I like to play video games as well.

Blog Post #15

Final Reflection
When I did my first EDM310 assignment I was very naive to the use of technology and how it plays a major role in education. I want to be a Kindergarten teacher. The way I picture my classroom being set up is similar to the flip classrooms. I want to be able to teach my students and I want them to also have the ability to go online at home to watch videos on lessons that where taught in the classroom. My first step into doing the flipped classroom is by getting a survey from parents on the access to a computer for the students. By doing this I can see who all will access the videos and who will not. Since I want to teach such a young age group this is really a good way to get the parents involved in their child's educational journey. The purpose of me using the flipped classroom method is because I want the students to fully understand what is being taught in the classroom and also to practice at home.
In EDM310 I have discovered that are many tools out for teachers to make learning fun and exciting for students. As a teacher it is my job to make sure the students can use what they are learning in the real world. Also, I want them to be able to build off the knowledge that I helped them obtain. One tool that I used the most in the class Google+. I did not realize that you could do so much with Google. I made a power point, shared documents with other students and teachers, and it is my main email address. I can use Google+ with everyday teaching. Another great tool I enjoyed was Pinterest. At first I was not too thrilled on using Pinterest because, I thought it was not necessary. Now I use Pinterest all the time and it really helps me get an idea of what type of projects or posters I want to use in my classroom. One more tool that I think will be very useful in my classroom is the SmartBoard. I had a little experience with it prior to this class but when I actually played on the SmartBoard I was really amazed with it. There are so many different subjects that you could cover in your class. The board really helped with students being active and hands on in the classroom. The last tool I would like to use is the Book Trailer. Book Trailers are a great tool to use in the classroom to get students into reading and to make it fun. These are just a few tools I will use in my classroom.
I am excited about the students I will be able to teach. I want my classroom to have an open feel to it, I want students to be able to feel like they can express themselves. There are many tools for my students to use in order to be ready for the real world and the next grade level. In EDM310 we watched many videos on students using technology in the classrooms. When I first started in EDM310 I did not think technology was that important in the classroom for the students. The tools I will use with the students are we will have a class blog. Blogging is important for students to get positive feedback, and also to communicate with other people. Since I am teaching such a young age group I want my students to blog so parents can see what the class is doing and for the students writing skills will improve. Another tool I want to incorporate in the classroom is Skype. I thought it was really neat when teachers and other students would share ideas on different lessons being taught in the classrooms. Another tool I like for the students is Wikki. Wikki was neat because, it allowed the students to do different searches on topics that other students had searched as well. This is allowing students to access information that was collaborated by other students. By teaching a young set of students they will be very technology savy and eager to learn more about technology.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Blog Post #13

My group, The Justice League, includes myself, Jessica Harris and Heather Perrin. We used many tools to communicate throughout this class. The main thing we used was Email and text messaging. We also used Skype and Google Drive to have more in depth conversations to gather ideas for project 15 and 16. Skype and text messaging were the fastest ways to talk, however email and Google Drive were the most reliable. In a project oriented class, communication is important for teamwork.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blog Post 12

In Edm310 we are given the opportunity to come up with our own assignment. I love working with children, I even worked at a daycare my senior year of highschool. So my assignment today is talking about children in preschool and is it really important. The first thing to do is watch this video and write a 1-2 paragraph on agreeing is preschool important or not. The video talks about how preschool is important. I feel that children should have the opportunity to learn at the same levels. Although when you walk into an elementary classroom the students are not on the same level some are more advanced than others. I feel that preschools should be more focused on teaching students. The one I worked at was not that way so I would implement different learning activities in the classroom. I believe all children have potential to be great. I want all children to go into elementary school and have the basics down. I believe it all starts with a good foundation and support from teachers and parents. Preschool should be taken very serious because, that is where it all begins for education.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project #9

For my personal learning network I created a Symbaloo. Sybmaloo was very useful because it helped me with resources for different projects. This also helped with different tools and organization to help me remember education programs. The organization on Symbaloo was helpful because, I had all my important stuff at the top and my personal items at the bottom. I will continue to use Symbaloo when I am out of this class. symbaloo

Blog Post 14

Teachers Know if you have Done the E-Reading
In the article Teachers Know if you have Done the E-Reading by David Streitfeld is a study done in Texas at Texas A&M. The study is to compare are students reading their textbooks for school. The program by CourseSmart allows teachers to see which one of their students who are being active in the course with the reading. CourseSmart has it set up where the teachers can see everything that is going on that the students are doing for the reading. For instance, the teacher can see if the student is taking notes, highlighting important passages or simply just not doing the reading. This is probably every teachers dream to monitor students but it can also be a downfall to students and teachers.
As a teacher I feel as if the CourseSmart program can be very beneficial to me and my classroom. I want to know how my students study habits are and were they could use some improvement to make them better students. CourseSmart can be deceiving because, the students can easily open something up and make it seem like they are learning. I do feel that if this in my classroom I will still test my students on the material there were assigned to read just to make sure they and understanding what is being taught in the classroom.I will also get my students opinions on how they like using the program also do they feel like it is benefiting them. I feel it is more for the secondary students.
As a college student now I feel that this is making students change how they study. A student like myself who is use to having a hard copy of the book and material so they make their own notes, highlight and underline what I feel is important. Also I feel like I am an independent learner who does not need someone to monitor what I choose to read, because it is on me if I do not read the assignment. The article also mentioned about students trying to trick the system. I know many students who would do this because they will think the assignment is irrelevant and would not be beneficial to the student and the program would be a waste. I feel that CourseSmart should only be used for certain subjects not all then the students might feel overwhelmed by the assignments.
Questions for the Teachers 1) What is your purpose for using CourseSmart? 2)Does this make your job easy? 3)How will you handle the students who do not do the reading assignments?
Questions for the Students 1)Do you see an improvement in your grades by reading? 2)Did this make you want to read in your other classes? 3)Which do you like the most a hard copy of the textbook or the online reading? My comment: I am very interested in the way technology is growing in today's society. I feel that sometimes technology is going to make some lazy with school work. I think the students are going to try to play the system. teachers

Last C4T

Mike Prater
The teacher I was assigned was Mike Prater the name of his blog was " Growth Through Learning". The name of the first post I read was titled "Motivate Students to learn without rewards" describes how to keep your students motivated through learning. Prater made 3 points to keep students motivated. The first one is show genuine care for your students, by getting on a personal level with them. Next, demonstrate a constant excitement about personal learning, you have to be excited in order for your students to be excited. The last one is introduce appropriate challenges. Let your students know it is alright to take a challenge. My comment wars I introduced myself and told where I was from. I also mentioned how I enjoyed reading his blog post. I also said how teachers should get students more involved in learning.

The last post I read by Mike Prater is called "Loving the Unlovable Student". Mr.Prater was assigned a group of students who all had to re-take the Physical Science class he was teaching. At first he did not want a group of students who had to retake the class because he felt that they would not be interested kin the class. Prater wanted the "good" students the ones who were eager to learn. Instead of continuing to look at the situation as bad he made the best of it for himself and the students. At the end of the post Prater made a statement that I really like "teachers should never loose passion for their job". This is so true everyday I see teachers just going in the classroom and really liking what they do. My comment was I introduced myself and said where I was from. I also said how I enjoy reading all his blog post. I am a future teacher and you have had some great experiences in the teaching field. I admire the way you handle certain situations. I also mentioned how the position he was put in was just a helpful reminder to him to never loose sight of teaching and the passion for it. teacher

Project #15

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blog Post 13

Back to the Future
In this TED talk Brian Crosby talks about his fourth grade class who are 2nd language students. Mr. Crosby wanted to get a feel for where his students where when they arrived in his classroom. One way he did this is by taking a survey. His first question was how many students know what city they lived in only 9 students knew. The next question was how many students knew what country they lived in only 3 knew this answer. Mr. Crosby wanted to know why the students where so disconnected with education, why where they so disconnected in life in general. Mr. Crosby realized not all students learn the same way, so he had to make a connection with the students. By Mr. Crosby teaching in a poor school system he wanted all his students to get the same advantage as other students. One science project the students did was the High Hopes with the hot air balloon. All the students have a laptop with a webcam, in the classrooms. The High Hopes project allowed a lot of hands on learning so the students could get a feel for what was going on in the real world. The students also followed their own hot air balloon and had to act as if they where the balloon. This helped with the learning process it meet all the needs such as auditory, visual,and kinesthetic. The students got to see how the hot air balloon works, this project helps with creating well rounded students. Crosby also reminded me that as a future teacher my job is to make learning fun, creative, and to also empower and motivate my students.
Blended Learning
I really enjoyed Mr. Andersen video on how he has his blended classroom set up for his AP Biology class. Mr. Andersen key points that he wanted to remember in teaching was to engage with the students, explore, and experiment. Mr. Andersen used an acronym called QUIVERS to set up his classroom. The Qu stood for questions he used that to introduce his topic to his students to get them thinking. The I stood for investigation this allowed the students to do research on the topic. The V stood for video and this was Mr. Andersen he made a video for the class on the topic so they could go back for reference on what the topic is in class. The E is for elaboration this is the personal assignment for the student to do reading and get a better understanding. The R is for review. Mr. Andersen meets in small groups with the students and talk to them to see their understanding on the topic. If they do not do good in review he makes the students do it all over again so they can understand the concept of the assignment. The last letter is S for summary this is where the students take a quiz on the topic. I would use this blended learning in my classroom because it is very organized and I feel as if it really helps the students get a better understanding of the topic. Also this type of learning allows the teacher to get more involved on a personal level with each student to see how they learn and comprehend assignments. teaching

Progress on Final Project

My group: Justice League has decided to do the movie. We are doing a series of tips to help you stay on top of your work in EDM310. I think it will be an awesome video. Thankfully I feel like I have followed our upcoming advice! We will start recording on Tuesday! We also have been communicating a lot through email and text messaging. We also use Skype and Google Docs to come up with different ideas on how to create our projects.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Blog Post 11

First Graders in Ms. Cassidy's Class

Ms. Cassidy is really an inspiration to me. She has set the bar very high for education form here on out. She has really given me a different outlook on teaching just by watching these two videos. Ms. Cassidy's students really enjoy learning and all the fun technology they are using to learn.

Ms. Cassidy incorporated technology in the classroom very well. The many resources she used was first the Blog. I thought it was very neat that students who were only in the 1st grade had blogs. I would use blogs in my classroom also. I see that the students benefited from blogging because it is boosting up the students confidence level because, they really enjoyed when someone else commented something positive on their blog. The blogs are another great accessory to the classroom because the students are becoming better writers and are learning how to write and their wording is becoming better. Another great tool that I found very useful in the classroom that Ms. Cassidy's class used was the Wikis. The Wiki was a very creative tool to help the students learn how to look up information on the internet to help them get a better understanding of things. The students can also make their own Wiki to put on the internet. Ms. Cassidy's class did a Wiki video on the alphabets. By doing this it was helping the students learn how to work together in groups, think outside the box on how to make a creative video, and also interact with other students. What Ms. Cassidy is doing with her class is very amazing and shows you that technology should be used throughout the classroom.

The ways I could benefit from the techniques Ms. Cassidy used is that one she incorporated learning with the technology and also to continue to make learning fun. In my classroom I will use definitely use technology especially the blog. I also plan on teaching the second grade so using blogs will be helpful for the children. It is always nice for them to be able to get other view points besides mine. Another benefit from Ms. Cassidy is she made learning fun. She used the Nintendo DS in the classroom. By using the game she taught children how to problem solve to figure out the game and also to another fundamental the students learned was sharing. In the skype video with Dr. Strange, Ms. Cassidy said technology is a way of life. She mentioned how if people are not using technology in the classrooms and learning from it then they are "handicapping" themselves and the children. I have realized that you can not run or hide from technology it will continue to expand and it is here to be used for the better of society.
children playing

C4K for the month of March

Comments for Kids

My first student for the month is Matthew. Matthew is in Mrs. Miller 10th grade class in Baldwin County. The name of the post was called "Self Expression". Matthew expressed how when he listens to music it express how he feels without him having to put it into words. Matthew explained how the music he listens to he can always relate to the artist. My comment for Matthew was I introduced myself. I also told Matthew to keep the good work on blogging after reading a couple of his blogs. I also mentioned how I also use music to relate to different situations, it is my get away place.

My second student was Jacob. He is in the 5th grade Mrs. Goerand class in Iowa. Jacob talked about the 1st amendment, he goes to say how it would be different without it in society. Jacob describes how he would not be able to have freedom of speech, petition, or choose the religion he wanted to worship. My comment was that I agree with getting rid of the 1st amendment. I also said how it is very important how you live your life.

The next, student was Cole. Cole is in the 7th grade in Ms. Lentine class. Cole'a post was about energy in Vermont. Cole tells about how millions of dollars are used in the school systems for wind energy. Using wind energy cuts out on taxes for Vermont. My comment was told him how I agree with his blog post. I think it is a good idea especially if it is cutting down on taxes. The last thing I mentioned to Cole was to keep up the good work on his blogs and have a great school year.

The last, students blog I commented on this month was Potaua. Potaua is a year 8 student in Room 15. The post I commented on by Potaua was called "Surfing Dog". Potaua explains how he helped his dog overcome his fear of going into the sea. Potaua took it slow with his dog by getting him to like the water. Next, Potaua gave his dog some lessons on how to surf. Potaua dog did learn how to surf. The comment I left for Potaua was to keep up the good work. Potaua and his dog were both an interesting story on how anyone can overcome their fears. I also found it fascinating that he taught his dog how to surf.
children learning

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

C4T-Comment for Teacher #3

Comments for Teacher
The teacher I was assigned this month is Paige Bagget blog called the " Pondering Page". The post I read was about how do you go above and beyond. Bagget wants students to work on the 4C's- communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Bagget put a video up called " How do You go Above and Beyond". The video had two students who were to build a car to race in a competition. One student followed the directions and built his car and the other student used her imagination and thought of a different way to build her car. The second student decided to put wings on her car to make it go and it also won the race. I really enjoyed the video because, it really captured how students and people in general should think outside the box. The next post I commented on was a video called " A Blue Dog way to reach Louisiana children's". This video was about George Rodrigue and his blue dog organization. The organization is about helping students and also people in need and raising money. George started the organization for youth development in education through art. He used it to encourage them to do good and to have an open mind. I enjoyed watching the blue dog video and learning what Mr. Rodrigue has created. I really enjoyed Ms. Bagget's blogs and she loves art and also responded to one of my comments. teaching is supporting

Monday, April 1, 2013

Blog 10

Adventures in Pencil Integration
The cartoon by John T. Spencer is a very clever illustration. I like the fact it is a spin off of "I'm a Mac and I'm a PC." In my opinion Mr. Spencer is talking about tools in the classroom. Yes, pencil and paper are a necessity in the classroom and has been used for a long time. As we all know in the education field technology is taking over. This is where Ticonderoga comes into play.
Why Were Your Kids Playing Games?
In Mr. Spencer blog Why Were Your Kids Playing Games, Mr. Spencer shares a story on how him and the principal where having a conversation about what was going on in the classroom. The principal wants the students to learn by memorizing everything and that is not really learning or helpful for the children. The principal is trying to make sure the students are passing standardized test and have "burp back" information. Mr. Spencer is incorporating games into learning so children can understand and retain the information.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blog Post 9

Joe McClung Version 4 Post
Joe McClung's blog post were all very helpful. McClung has been teaching for four years now, after every year he creates a blog reflecting on his school year. It really gave me a lot of insight of how teaching is and also seeing it through a teacher's eyes. As a future teacher the blog post really got me thinking about how am I going to be as a teacher. The first blog post I read was the Version 4 post. McClung gave two great ideas one was have faith in yourself and your own teaching skills. I feel this is very important because, you are the one teaching and if you do not sound convincing or confident how are you going to lead students who look up to you. Your teaching skills are something you developed and it defines who you are as a teacher. McClung also stated you should keep in mind are the children having fun while learning. In the fourth post McClung mentioned how he did not learn a lot like he did when he first started teaching but he did mention how as a teacher one should not get really comfortable in teaching styles. The teacher should always challenge themselves to do something different every year they are teaching. I learned from this post that you are going to learn something new every year as teaching. What I've Learned This Year 2008'09
The next blog I decided to read was McClung's first blog post. The reason being is because,I wanted to know how was his first year of teaching. I get excited every time I think about teaching and having my own classroom. McClung's first lesson he learned was that it is not always about the teacher. As a teacher McClung was reminded he is teaching children and to always check for student comprehension. I agree as a people we can get caught up in making sure everything is perfect. Another great point that stuck out to me was to listen to your students. You are going to be with your students majority of your life. You should create a relationship with them so they can feel comfortable around you. The studnets have a voice, McClung said to listen to the students to build that student teacher relationship. McClung's blogs gave a lot of great insight on how teaching is it is almost like the do's and don'ts of teaching. I realize you are going to learn something new everyday with a teaching profession. stay positive

Saturday, March 9, 2013

C4T-Comment for Teacher

Comment for Teacher
My teacher I was assigned this month is Russ Goerend. The post I commented on was called "Off Limits". In the post Goerend describes how technology is really taking a lot of time in people's lives. People act as if they can not live with a cell phone, Ipad etc. The reason I commented on this post is because, in edm310 we talk about technology all the time and how society is very dependent on technology. I feel that people need to slowly come back to their senses and enjoy life a little bit. The next post I commented on by Goerend was called "I Resolve..Nah my Goal is to Read More". Goerend wanted to read more and also enocourage others to read more also. What Goerend created was his own book shelf where he picked 10 books he wanted to read. Goerend drew them on a sheet of paper so he could keep up with the his reading. Goerend also had his students do the same thing. My comment on the blog was telling him how I thought the idea was a really good because, it helps people read more. Also, it helps students get more involved with reading which is good for them. I really enjoyed reading Mr. Goerend blog because, it helped me realize I need more time to myself and my family. staying connected

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Blog 7

randy Randy Pausch Last Lecture Randy Pausch's last lecture was amazing. I watched the video twice. Pausch was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Pausch only had a couple months left, to live. In his last lecture the key points that stood out to me was to never loose your imagination, and raise the bar.

Pausch had childhood dreams that he wanted to accomplish. As a child Pausch wanted to be in zero gravity. Pausch knew he was not cut out to be an astronaut but, it did not stop him. Pausch lived out his childhood dream by being able to be in zero gravity. Pausch showed me how even though he was not an astronaut he still achieved his dream. Another thing in his story was that brick walls will appear but you can not let them stop you.

Next, on Pausch childhood dream was to be in the NFL. Pausch describes how he was a small child and only played for one play. Pausch's coach taught the players the fundamentals of the game before they could actually play. I can use this in teaching because, students need basic information before doing an actually problem or solving an issue.

The last point that I enjoyed by Pausch is by teaching students how to learn without actually teaching them. One way Pausch did this was by helping create a program called Alice. Alice was a program that taught students how to write a program. The students where thinking they were having fun. Learning should be fun for students and teachers should make it entertaining. Pausch taught me a lot of fundamental values for teaching students and how to encourage my students throughout life.

Project 9

Project 9 1st Progress Report This project was a very great one because, it helps me become organized and use my resources. My progress on Symbaloo is coming along very great. I enjoy working on this project and connecting with different teachers and students. Symbaloo will definitely help me with my teaching career.

C4K month of February

My C4K summary for the month of February consisted of four students. I really enjoyed reading the children's blog. The first child was Justin. Justin blog was about setting goals. Just fave a step by step plan on how to reach your goal. Justin's goal was to loose weight. He made sure his goal was attainable and he could reach it. My comment was I told Justin who I was and where I came from.Another comment I did was I told him, his goals can be accomplished. Also that his blog was very good and to keep up the good work. The second student I commented on was Andrew's in Ms. Balestrin class. Andrew's post was about him going to two birthday party's. One was at laser tag and the other at gym world. My response was I told him who I was and where I came from. I also said that he was going to have fun at both parties, and to keep the blog work up. My last two students where in Room 6 Ms. She class, Maree and Losehina. The girls had just started school so nothing was posted on the blog. I told both of the girls to have an awesome school year in Room 6. children playing

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project 10

Finding the Right Tool
I am a sophomore, majoring in Elementary Education. The tool I have found useful is Symbaloo. Symbaloo is set up with different websites I chose which are useful to me. The websites are set as icons which makes it easier to access them. The way I use Symbaloo now is I have all my icons listed in different corners, under specific categories. The grade level I want to teach is second grade. As a teacher I will add more icons to my Symbaloo organizer. Symbaloo is useful to a future teacher with grading, sharing information with other teachers and also allowing students to use resources from Scholastic news. Symbaloo is a very great tool to help anyone stay organized and also have everything at their finger tips.

Blog Post 6

The Networked Student
The Networked Student by Wendy Drexler is a video about teaching skills in the 21st century. Drexler's video was inspired by connectivism from a course called "CCK08". The idea of connectivism was formulated by George Siemens. Connectivism is an idea that learning occurs through the integration of principles explored by networking and self organization. It is to help students become independent learners and thinkers. In the video the student is from the 21st century. In the 21st century everything is based off of the internet and technology. The student is taking a class with no books, pens, or paper. He has to find information on his own. The student creates his own personal learning network, he uses Google Scholar, book marking and searches blogs. By doing this it helps him gain knowledge about his subject. The 21st century student shows that any form of technology can be used in a helpful way. For example he uses his Mp3 player and iTunes to listen to Podcast from teachers around the world. The 21st century student is learning how to use his resources to get a better understanding of his subject. The work he puts into looking up information can help another student in the future. Conncetivism reminds me of EDM310, the students are discovering new ways to utilize technology for their own good. This resources and techniques will always be useful in the future. A question was brought up in the video, why does a student of concetivisim need a teacher? There are many reasons teachers are needed. The teacher is there to guide the student to make sure they are on the right path. The student may be new to the subject when searching for information and lost on what type of information is actually valuable. The teacher can help the student stay on track and find credible information. The teacher is also a motivator. If the student is not pushed or motivated to do their best they will not produce quality work. The teacher wants to make sure the student is getting the right tools they need to further use in the students life. Teachers will always be needed in anything pertaining to school, they already have the experience to lead a student in the right direction. I really enjoyed the video by Drexler it showed how the world is expanding it's knowledge outside the classroom. 7th Grader's Personal Learning Environment
Wendy Drexler's 7th grade science student made a video of her personal learning environment. The class is networked and paperless. The student's personal learning environment is not different from my personal learning network. Needless to say she is more organized than I am. She has all her school related networks on the top and her personal networks along the bottom. With her personal learning environment she works at her own pace which allows her to do the work she thinks is more important. The student really takes advantage of her personal learning environment by networking with scientist and also skyping with them to get their help with her school work. I really enjoyed her the video and I plan to be organized like her.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blog Post 5

If You Built A School
Words can not explain how fascinated I was by Krissy Venosdale's blog! It really encouraged me to stay with teaching and give it my all. Venosdale has been teaching for 10 plus years. Venosdale is a GATE teacher and teaches grades third through sixth grade. Venosdale's school would be every student and teachers dream school. From the neon sign to welcome students to the coffee shop cafeteria. One can tell Venosdale is passionate about learning and opening up her students eyes on learning also. She wants learning and teaching to be fun and not make it feel as if it is something you have to do. Venosdale's school the students where not in grade levels they were moved up based on their readiness and ability. This is an awesome idea because all students do not mature at the same level. If I could build my own school it would be full of love, hope, and determination. Once people walk into my school I want them to realize we are doing more than just learning, we are reaching our dreams. It is a place where students are encouraged to be GREAT. The classroom will be a place where the student and teacher have an awesome relationship. Also, the school will be equipped with the latest technology. Since reading is my favorite subject the library will have couches, bean bags, and music playing so everyone will be comfortable reading. The cafeteria will have the coffee shop vibe so people can be comfortable sharing ideas with each other. If I could build my own school it would be awesome. Erin Whitacre's Virtual Choir
The video by Eric Whitacre's virtual choir was beautiful. The choir consisted of 185 people from 12 countries, thees people have never met each other. I think it is amazing how they did not have to leave their place to create a choir. Technology is growing rapidly and there is nothing you can not do. Technology really helps a person think outside the box and create different ideas. Listening to the way Whitacre put the video together on YouTube was phenomenal. The editing and making sure everyone started together on time was very creative. The video was beautiful and an eye opener for technology. Flipped Classroom
I was amazed at the Flipped Classroom idea and videos. Flipped classroom is when the teachers teach the lesson and record it and put the video online so the students can watch the video. The lesson the teachers are teaching is the lesson the class will go over the next day. I really liked Gimbar class set up she would have her students in different sections in the class on how fast the students are learning. I feel this way focuses on all the students needs. Yes, of course this is taking a big step with education, especially for younger grades. Flipping is putting more responsibility on the student and making sure they do their part. There are some concerns to the flipping for example, what if the child does not watch the video? If the child does not have access to the video or does not watch it they can watch it at school. I think that is a great solution so the student can stay with the rest of the class. Also, it is giving parents the opportunity to see what is going on in the classroom. I would definitely use the Flipped classroom approach if I feel the need. The flipped classroom is also what some professors do in their classroom. The students watch videos and take notes on the video and the next day ask questions. It leaves room for more time to figure out where a student is struggling and how to help them. I feel that it would be needed in math because, not every student learns at the same pace. When I was growing up math was not my strong subject. If teachers incorporated the flipped classroom into the classroom then it would help them tremendously. The project is great way to make sure teachers reach out to all the students and all needs are met. Teaching in the 21st Century
Teaching in the 21st Century by Kevin Roberts was a very great video and an eye opener. Roberts wants to show that students do not have to be passive learners in the classroom. He wants to students to be able to use technology in an educated form to answer real life questions. Students should learn how to engage in learning and process the information they are given. Teachers should not be scared to allow students to use technology in the classroom they should learn how to incorporate it in the classrooms. The position Roberts took on the video is so true technology is rapidly expanding and it should expand in the classroom. As a future teacher my goal is to make sure the students learn how to use technology in an innovative way. By doing this I will use laptops, iPad to incorporate in my everyday lesson. My students will blog, have a twitter and other necessary instruments to fulfill their learning desire. By doing this it will help the students connect with other students to learn to use their resources for good and not for entertainment. upside down classrooom

My Sentence Movie

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Blog Post #4

I am excited to be doing a Podcast, I love learning new ways to do projects, especially working with the green screen and creating something for others to see. Podcast is a very creative way to communicate with others across the world. I really am fascinated by how children in elementary school are using technology to learn and communicate with others. I found it to be very interesting on how the teachers and parents can stay connected by podcast by recording what is happening in the classrooms. One idea I would keep in mind while doing my podcast is how I punctuate each word in the podcast. I will make sure I give my words feeling, and meaning so people who are listening to it can get a sense of how I feel about the subject. Another great way to do a podcast is by creating a script like the first grade class. By creating a script each student was able to see all the work that is put into a podcast and also be apart of the podcast. With podcast students are learning how to think at critical level and expand their learning.
students working on a podcast

Comment for Teacher C4T

Comment for Teacher
Mike Vaughn is the teacher I am assigned. The first article I read by Vaughn was about students from working-class families are limited by financial resources and lack of economic safety net. My comment agreed with the article because, first generation students are held at an disadvantage because some schools are not giving enough financial aid. My friend her parents make too much money for her to receive the full amount. Even though she can apply for grants and scholarships it will still be nice to get financial aid. The next blog post I commented on by Vaughn was about how technology has changed what students need to learn. The article talks about how technology has a great impact on students. Technology is being incorporated into schools more, which is a positive thing for the students. The article brought up the issue on how important are the basic subjects in the classrooms. My comment to the article was I agreed with how fast technology is growing. I also think it is a great idea implementing technology into the classroom. I do not think the basic subjects such as math, English, and reading should be taken out of the schools. Those subjects are the foundation for education. I enjoy going to Mike Vaughn's blog he has a lot of witty and interesting topics.

Project #5

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Special Blog #1

Dr. Strange was absolutely right, I clearly misinterpreted the "Did You Know" video. The video is comparing the population of each country. The video also shows how technology is becoming more prominent in today's society. Also, how fast the population all over the world is growing at a rapid speed is also amazing. WolframAlpha is a great website. The site gives valuable information on comparing different countries and shows the statics for the comparison. I did two of my own searches to give the site a try. The first search was compare the population of the United States, India, and China. The site is useful because, it gives you more information than you asked for example it gives you the rank of each country on where they stand all over the world. This gives you a better understanding and overview to compare easily. My results for this search is China is ranked number one with 1.35 billion people. Although, China is number one out of the three country's, India's population growth is higher at 1.44% a year. The second search I did was compare which country has a better education system. The results varied throughout all levels of education. India is ranked number one for both primary and secondary education. The United States has 18.25 million for college students. I did these two searches because, the population is going to continue to grow and so is education. I feel as a student going into the education field I need to be up to date with the growth in order to accommodate my students. Also if the population rate continues to grow then the classrooms will get bigger will make the student to teacher ratio go up.
Gary Hayes
Gary Hayes website is AMAZING I literally sat for a good ten minutes just watching the numbers go up and the money increase. The site showed you that time is valuable. You should not waste time doing something you do not want to do because, you can not get the time back. Everything is constantly changing in our world and Hayes did an excellent job capturing the moments in life. The site also shows nothing is private. It showed how many likes Facebook is getting every minute. Hayes captured moments from last month to the very last second and counting. What this site means for my professional career is I have to adapt to the change in the world. Also, to be careful what I put on social media websites because anyone can see what I post, tweet, or what picture I like. When people are looking at my background it shows what type of person I am and who I portray to be. The site also taught me time is valuable to teaching. If the world is changing at a fast pace so will the classrooms eventually. Time is of the essence and everything will continue to change.